Welcome to the Fiberpop Solutions website

.FiberPoP Solutions was formed to Design, Build, Operate, and Manage Data Centers as well as a Broad band Fiber-Optic and Wireless Open Access Networks. FiberPoP’s goal is to provide truly next generation services and technologies in an all Internet Protocol network environment.

FiberPoP’s Plan is to do this while also supporting legacy telecommunication and cable television systems on a common state of the art network platform; while providing a ubiquitous broadband network footprint for all potential subscribers in the service area; regardless of an urban or rural community and or a customer.

FiberPoP’s goal will be to provide a seamless integration of Telecommunications Voice and Data Services at Light Speed (Fiber), Cable Television, Internet Services, and Data Center Services. These services will be based on an “On-Demand” platform.

The next-generation data centers required by businesses and data hosting facilities allow for reduced operational cost while delivering non-stop and transparent services through an open architecture. FiberPoP Solutions, Inc. (FiberPoP) will provide a responsive and trusted environment that drives mission assurance. The Reference Architecture utilized by FiberPoP exceeds published criteria for a Tier 4 Data Center and takes advantage of the industry leading bandwidth availability and resiliency incorporated into the FiberPoP network backbone

FiberPoP delivers a seamless integration of Telecommunications Private Line Networking at the Speed of Light! Including: Cable Television, Internet Service, and Data Centers offering a complete array of bundled and UN-bundled services on demand.
A fiber optic network has a very high bandwidth capacity with very high-speed Internet access. Fiber technology is immune to the elements making it more durable and reliable than other technologies. Fiber optic networks with open access allow service providers to offer virtually unlimited services to homes and businesses.